MS3X MegaSquirt 3 with Expansion


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This item comes with connectors for soldering on a harness and USB tuning cable.

MS3X MegaSquirt 3 with expansion arrives equipped with features surpassing MS2 & MS1 systems, like sequential fuel & spark, 2 step, progressive nitrous, boost control, onboard traction control & much more!  MS3X paved the way for the powerful MS3Pro systems by AMP EFI.

MS3X helped Lee Sicilio to a 283mph record at Bonneville in his beautiful twin-turbo charged Daytona Charger.

Are you on a budget, but still want complete control of your race purpose vehicle?  MS3X has the features to give you a serious competitive advantage without breaking the bank.

MS3X Standard Features:

  • 8 Sequential fuel injection outputs. Each can drive a high impedance injector, unused injection outputs can be re-purposed.
  • 8 Logic level 5 volt ignition outputs. Works with many types of ignition modules and coils, including LSx coils and our IGN1A. Requires external module or coils with internal ignitors.
  • 6 Medium current outputs. Use for 2 stage progressive nitrous, boost control, tach output, 3 wire idle speed control, general purpose PWM or relay control, or many other potential applications.
  • 3 Analog inputs. Use for an external MAP sensor, second O2 sensor, fuel pressure, accelerometer, or general data logging.
  • 4 Switch inputs. Can be used to start data logging, arm a nitrous system, switch tables, launch control, VSS input (Hall sensor or VR with external conditioner), and more.
  • 1 Cam sensor input. Can be used with VR, Hall, or optical sensors.
  • VE and ignition tables are both 16 x 16 with full interpolation.
  • 0.1% steps on VE table, 0.1 degree steps on ignition table
  • Socket for an onboard SD card – no laptop required for data logging  (SD Card not included)
  • Built in USB port
  • GM stepper IAC control
  • Closed loop idle and mixture control
  • CANBus communications for interface with GPIO Board, IO Extender, or other devices
  • Staged injection
  • Native support for many different OEM trigger patterns

Connect MS3X via serial laptop connection and enable it in TunerStudio.

For complete MS3 documentation and more see


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